Mods so far... 2014 Triumph Street Triple

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Mods so far... 2014 Triumph Street Triple

Postby Looseparts » October 6th, 2015, 3:56 pm

Some of the modifications I've made in the 3 months I've owned the bike were from ergo (5'4"), change the look and repair after dropping it.
It was a bit too tall for me and the one rainy day this summer I had an appt in Portland for the 500 mi service, was wearing rain pants and found I couldn't get my foot down in time to keep from dropping it leaving the driveway. Dented the tank (barely) broke the foot brake, front turn and scratched the pipe. That set me on a path to lowering the bike and while I was at it... make it look more to my liking. No need to change the handling. It's already light and care to make a guess how fast it goes at the top of 3rd gear? 0.o

1. Added a belly pan. Triumph had a promo for pan, fly and cowl - sold the latter on ebay.
2. Bent the front brake lever when I dropped it. Ordered anodized long levers - shorts arrived. Getting used to them.
3. I know the bug-eyes are iconic to Triumph. Couldn't do it. Bought a Yamaha MT-03 $125, saved $280 w/ cheap mounts.
4. God those mirrors sucked. I've been using these Rizoma knock-offs on my last 4 bikes.
5. Ah the seat... Kept the OE seat in a box, bought another for $50. Removed the cover & foam, modded the pan, shaped it w/ metal screen and fiberglassed it. Took it to Chuck's with the cover and he added a teensy bit of foam (I wanted none, but he said it would even out my crappy fiberglass job) and he stretched the cover over my 10" PVC sewerpipe cowl (this is the 3rd 10" PVC sewerpipe cowl I've fashioned in the last 4 years). Now I'm flat-footed on the bike and while it's not a comfy sofa (or touring bike) I have ridden for 4 hours in more ease than the stupid roundy thing it came with. This one is molded to my ass and it's OK. The cowl needs to be repainted after fiberglassing, but it will come out ok, considering what an impatient hack I am.
6. Tail-Tidy. Some sell for $200. A piece flat aluminum from Burcham's Metals is 50 cents. LED plate illuminator is $3.
7. Part of the Tail-Tidy. LED turn signals are super-bright, waterproof and pretty cheap $8 + $5 flasher.
8. As mentioned elsewhere I was super disappointed the bike sounds so wimpy. I had a 955 Daytona with a race-pipe and it sounded like Jesus having an orgasm (or it made a sound i really liked, perhaps I should say - sorry). This bike sounded like a weed-eater. Well after break in, and at higher revs it sounds better but I went for the Italian slip-on anyways. Still very quiet considering how small that can is.
9. Broke the rear brake pedal when I dropped it. Replacment is $89 + shipping : -( Drilled a hole in what was left and inserted a rubber-covered bolt. Been two months, it's holding up ok.
10. Broke the turn signal when I dropped it. OEM are $40 ea. These cheapies are good to go.

So... Three months in and how do I like it? I... L-O-V-E this bike.

Yes. You can ride it. See you at pizza tomorrow?

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Re: Mods so far... 2014 Triumph Street Triple

Postby wileycoyote » October 6th, 2015, 10:14 pm

Like the Daytona, I've never met anyone that's owned a Street Triple that didn't L-O-V-E it. I'm glad you're enjoying yours.
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Re: Mods so far... 2014 Triumph Street Triple

Postby MerlotMax » October 8th, 2015, 5:29 pm

Nice work, looks sharp! :clap:

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