BMW R80 for sale

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BMW R80 for sale

Postby TelemarkSean » February 1st, 2018, 1:37 pm



I can't believe I'm selling this and, to be honest, I might not. This is the first bike I ever owned. Every day I see it in my garage and I'm conflicted because I love it and it's so damn cool yet I never take it out. I have two other bikes and they're both just strictly better than this one. So it's just sitting in my garage weeping one oil drop per month. I only rode it 3 or 4 times (about 500 miles) last year and one of those rides was a trip to Murph's for service. I would like this to go to someone who wants to actually ride or collect airheads.

So, here's the story. The bike is somewhat of a mongrel. It gets mistaken for an R90S or an R100S all the time. However, it started life as a 1985 R80 RT. At some point, a previous owner replaced the big, ugly, square-ish fairing with a factory BMW "bikini" fairing. It's the same fairing that one finds on an R100S or R90S and it's paint-matched to the fuel tank and rear trim. The chassis and transmission have 94,000+ miles on them. A few years ago I replaced the motor with a lower mileage donor. So, we're not sure how many miles the motor has on it but it's certainly less than what the odometer indicates. The top end was fairly recently rebuilt. Bottom end looks good. There are no imminent maintenance items. I think the little oil leak is actually oil passing through the oil-temp plug which is also the drain plug. I'll probably replace it before sale. It's like a $30 part.

Non-stock stuff:

The fairing, although it's a period-correct BMW product.
The mirrors are from a BMW GS bike and are way better than the stock R-bike mirrors.
The aluminum "clamshell" airbox is actually from an older BMW. It looks way better than the plastic ones they used in the later models. The choke lever which is mounted on the airbox is also from an older BMW.
The rear shock was replaced with an adjustable YSS unit which is miles better than the original.
About 3 years ago, the front forks were rebuilt with Progressive springs.
The seat is a Corbin which looks like it was re-covered or customized at some point. It's in great shape.
It has a VDO oil temp gauge which was a period option/upgrade.
There are some wiring/electrical upgrades done by me which make it easier to service the clock and voltmeter which are in the little fairing.
The bar ends are just random bar ends.
The ignition coil is a DynaTek dual-output coil. This was a common upgrade for these bikes. Ignition wires were made by me.
Some of the indicators are LEDs now. Some of them are normal incandescent and have to remain that way because of BMW's weird charging system.
The Staintune exhaust is a period-correct option.

Recent service:

Valve check/adjustment. I do them all the time for fun. I'm sure they were done less than 500 miles ago. I have records for this.
Carburetors were rebuilt last year by me.
The output splines were recently lubricated by me. The clutch was inspected and looks great. This was done less than 100 miles ago.
The swingarm pivot was just overhauled.
Crankcase breather system was cleaned and associated gaskets recently replaced.

Comments and whatever:

Everything works but some things "work" according to their own charming airhead translation of that word. The front brakes are quite good. The rear brake is a drum and is ok as far as drum brakes go. It's fine but you're not going to be locking up the rear wheel. The speedometer is notoriously optimistic. For reference: an indicated 85 mph is about 72 mph. The voltmeter reads about 1 V lower than the actual voltage but is still useful. The bike will still do 100 mph (an indicated 125 mph!) but it's a 45-ish hp bike so it's not going to have the passing ability that new bikes have. I rode it (with luggage) to San Francisco on I-5. To be honest, I wouldn't want to do that again. I *would* ride it all day on the 101, though.

There are a few scuffs and dings but the fuel tank and front fairing are unmarred. The windscreen is faded and a little rough. It's totally functional, though, and I know where you can get a replacement.

It comes with a few odds and ends like luggage, toolkit, Clymer manual, and a few spare parts and quarts of oil.

$3200 is Ride44 price.
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Re: BMW R80 for sale

Postby ELI the ICE man » March 22nd, 2018, 4:29 pm

Very cool and interesting bike. If I were you I would ride it and not sell it. Way more interesting than any modern Duc.

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Re: BMW R80 for sale

Postby Dustpan » March 22nd, 2018, 9:33 pm

I agree with Eric. The main reason I don’t have an airhead is because they’re uncomfortably tall for my short little Corgi legs....
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